Our method

Our process is a wheel where each complete turn increases your profits. In our cooperation with our customers we believe very strongly in always striving to be even better. So we have created a way of working where the experience we gain from each concluded project is gathered together and reinvested in the next product.

Preliminary study

Let us consolidate your competence

We are convinced that your company has much knowledge and competence that will enable us to get off to a flying start when we begin our first project together. Either you have a good structure with market surveys and other similar documentation that describe the shop environment, the product category, your consumers, etc. Or experience, more like a general bank of knowledge that your people have. Whichever the case may be, we help you develop a true, clear picture of your needs through interviews, collation of the results, and analysis.


We give you the best solution

Our designers produce a few quick sketches during a discussion meeting. These hand-drawn sketches are then developed in close dialogue with you in order to arrive at an optimal solution as quickly as possible. When we are agreed on one or two proposals, we make 3D visualisations to illustrate design and function. The method is not carved in stone. Every customer relation is unique and every industry has its own prerequisites – we can therefore work both more simply and in more depth as the individual assignment requires.


Now we can begin producing

When you have chosen the design, our designers sit down with the project leader, one of our design engineers, and a technical purchaser, to answer the question of how and where to manufacture the product in the best and most cost-efficient way possible. A more detailed production drawing is produced. The choice of material is one of the factors that determine the choice of supplier. We only engage specialists – wooden parts must be made by wood professionals, metal parts by metal experts, plastic parts by plastic specialists and so on. Depending on the schedule and production volumes we can choose to manufacture close to home or in Eastern Europe or the Far East. Most of our partners, however, are located close to Hillerstorp. This is an advantage because we can get together quickly and simply to work out the details. We also speak the same language – Småland dialect with an emphasis on problem solving.


Delivered to you fast

We know we’re sticking our neck out when we claim that Hillerstorp is in the centre of Sweden. But the fact is that it is true, at least when we talk about proximity to the market. Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen – and through them most of Scandinavia – are all within a 400-kilometre radius of Värnamo, just a stone’s throw from Hillerstorp. Our location means that all major shipping agents are close at hand. If required, we can deliver directly to your shop instead of to a central warehouse. We can thus always deliver by the shortest, simplest, and fastest route.

Follow up

Shared experience in new successes

Since we always endeavour to maintain a dialogue with our customer we can on the one hand say that a continuous follow-up is built into our way of working. It might be a question of checking your delivery needs against the products we have in stock. This follows from our natural way of being. The other follow-up is more structured. The aim of our PS model is to achieve permanent, far-reaching improvements. We look at how we together carried out a successful project. Is the final product what the preliminary study indicated was needed? Is the final product in agreement with the preliminary study? Does the product achieve its purpose in the shop? Have we stayed within budget and kept to schedule? Do the logistics work properly? How has the trade received the product? The answers to these questions form a foundation for the next preliminary study. We have closed the circle.